About Rebecca Holtz


A frequent audience response to the vocal stylings of this pint-sized redhead is, “Where does all that SOUND come from?”.  Born with lungs more commonly found in someone twice her age, Rebecca Holtz has been belting it out since first taking the stage at four years old during local events and at friends weddings. Blessed with a matching personality, she quite likely would have approached you with the question, “Wanna hear me sing something?”.

Learning a degree of modesty since then this 20-something has a continuing passion for musical performance. Though first finding her voice onstage in musical theatre her heart has also resided in jazz since her infatuation with Ella Fitzgerald began at the age of 8. Rebecca’s continued exposure to and appreciation of a variety of styles and genres have influenced her creative interpretation and electrifying stage presence.

Vocal studies at the Vermont Jazz Center with the likes of Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, and Peter Eldridge have honed her skills as an artist while stage time with greats like Samirah Evans, Charles Neville, and Houston Person have inspired and humbled her.

Since 2011 she has been the feature vocalist with the Compaq Big Band swing orchestra, performing in and around the New England area. Matching her in volume and  brassiness, the Compaq Big Band has provided Rebecca with the opportunity to reach a wider audience and try out the swing world.

Additionally Rebecca collectively crafts original music with her band the Once Hollow with guitarists Jon McAuliffe and Miah Millay. The group is building a fan base, expanding their musical repertoire, and aiming to gig more frequently once Rebecca graduates from Smith College. Stay tuned.

One thought on “About Rebecca Holtz

  1. You go with your bad self girl…………..and I can say “I knew you when”…………..I always felt you’d make the big time………………..congrats

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